Tooth Removal / Extractions Call Today To Relieve Dental Pain
  • Enjoy precise results with advanced technology
  • Relax with anxiety-relieving medication during your procedure
  • Receive gentle, compassionate care from our team

Experience Gentle Tooth Removal in Scottsdale

Everyone wants to keep their natural teeth as long as possible. However, decay, disease, or damage can sometimes make it necessary to remove a tooth. If you need Scottsdale tooth removal, you can count on the team at Alex Martin, DDS to perform your procedure as comfortably and efficiently as possible. We will:

  • Plan your procedure using digital X-rays and an intraoral camera
  • Take time to listen to your needs and concerns, as well as answer any questions you have
  • Provide anxiety-relieving medication to help you relax, if you’d like
  • Completely numb the area we’re working on so you don’t feel a thing
  • Gently and efficiently remove your tooth as comfortably as possible
  • Provide you with complete aftercare instructions to ensure a comfortable and quick healing period

If you think you might need a tooth removed, call the experts at Alex Martin, DDS today: 480-660-4225. No insurance? That’s no problem, as we offer an in-house Membership Club that will save you money on your care. Ask a staff member for details.

Our Compassionate Team Makes Your Extraction as Easy as Possible

We understand that having a tooth removed can be one of the most stressful services to receive as a dental patient. No one likes the idea of losing a tooth, much less the possibility of feeling the sensations of it while it’s taking place. No need to worry, though. The team at Alex Morgan, DDS will do all we can to ensure your tooth removal procedure goes off without a hitch.

We’ll plan your procedure carefully. If we feel like your tooth removal would be better handled by a specialist, we refer you to a local dentist who will provide you with excellent care. We want what’s best for you and your smile.

To keep you comfortable:

  • With local anesthesia, you’ll feel completely numb in the area around the tooth.
  • Anxiety-relieving medication is available if you want extra help relaxing while we work.
  • You are also welcome to comforting amenities like a pillow and blanket.

When your procedure is over, you’ll receive instructions on how to enjoy a quick and comfortable healing period.

For gentle tooth removal in Scottsdale, call the team at Alex Martin, DDS today at 480-660-4225 for a consultation. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

How much does a tooth removal cost?

Even for a routine procedure like a tooth extraction, it is difficult to quote a price without first seeing you in our office. During your initial visit, we’ll examine your mouth and take X-rays to develop a plan for removing your tooth or teeth. Once we have more specific details, we can give you an accurate cost for your tooth removal.

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

For most tooth removals, you can expect the extraction site to heal in about seven to 10 days. You can play a big role in the actual healing time, however. Following your aftercare instructions and limiting your physical exertion for a few days will help you heal faster and more comfortably.

Does tooth removal hurt?

You can feel confident our experienced dental team will do all we can to make sure your tooth removal is as comfortable as possible. We’ll take a set of digital X-rays to help us plan your procedure, then we’ll use an anesthetic to ensure the area we’re working on is fully numb. We also offer anxiety-relieving medication to help you relax.

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