As you know, a healthy diet can do some great things for your body. That includes your smile. The foods that are good for your overall health are good for your oral health too. We’re happy to discuss dietary do’s and don’ts with you at your next dental exam. Treat your smile to the right kinds of foods! 

This short video offers some great suggestions for foods that are great for your dental health:

  • Apples – This popular fruit contains malic acid, a substance that encourages saliva flow. Saliva is essential in fighting cavities and gum disease, as it helps wash away harmful bacteria. Plus, an apple’s crisp flesh helps scrub your teeth clean – almost like a toothbrush.
  • Strawberries – These bright red berries also have malic acid and antioxidants, both of which are good for your smile. Frozen berries are just as good as fresh ones. In addition to eating them as-is, you can also put them in yogurt or smoothies. Yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein, so it will help strengthen your tooth enamel. 
  • Broccoli – This cruciferous vegetable has lots of iron, which improves your oral health. Eaten raw, its texture can help remove bacteria from your teeth. Broccoli is delicious in stir-frys, salads, and pasta dishes. 
  • Cheese – Like yogurt, cheese is packed with calcium and protein. So it makes your teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities. 

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